USENEXT offers you fast and secure access to the Usenet, a worldwide discussion forum made up of over 60,000 newsgroups covering every conceivable topic. Even inexperienced Usenet users can find and download all types of files with ease using the UseNeXT software.
  • USENEXT provides access to six completely independent server farms. This ensures the fastest-possible download speeds with no waiting times, and allows DSL users in particular to gain full benefit from their connection bandwidth.
  • USENEXT is 100% free from advertising and offers users secure access to the Usenet. No record is made of users’ IP addresses or the data that they have downloaded.
  • USENEXT users can access huge quantities of data. The Usenet servers offer a total capacity of over 6,000 terabytes. What is more, some 5,000 gigabytes of new material are added every day.

How much can I earn?

As an affiliate, you can earn top-class commissions and there is no upper limit! Two different commission models are available to choose from:
CPL commissions (Cost per Lead) or CPO commissions (Cost per Order):
  • With CPL remuneration, you receive a standard sum for each user who registers for the free 14-day USENEXT trial phase. No cancellation penalties apply, and the commission is payable regardless of whether or not the user subsequently enters into an actual contract.
  • With the CPO model, you receive a percentage share of the turnover generated by each resulting contract.

What forms of advertising are available to me?

We offer various forms of advertising. You can choose which format you want by clicking on “Advertising Media” in the members’ area. If you cannot find a suitable advertising format or medium there, simply get in touch with our partner support! Here is a brief overview of the best ways to advertise UseNeXT:

  • Banners
  • Text links
  • USENEXT Free Trial Client for direct downloading
  • HTML and text newsletters
  • Keyword advertising
  • Editorial advertising forms

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