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Payment of commissions

You receive your commission by the beginning of a month between the first and the fifth day of each month. This payment date applies to all the commission schemes: CPL (cost per lead) as well as CPO (cost per order) commissions.

In case of CPL commissions the payment period will always cover the relevant previous month: For example, you will receive your commission for September by the beginning of October.

In contrast, for CPO commissions the payment period is always deferred for one month: For example, you will receive your commission for September by the beginning of November, while October will be accounted for by the beginning of December etc.

You receive your commission statement in the form of a printable pdf file attached to a convenient and quick email on the day payment is made. You can also see your commission statements under “Account“ in the Affiliates Area and print it out from there.

The minimum amount of commission that will be paid is € 20. In other words, you will receive a commission payment as soon as the commission you have earned reaches a minimum of € 20. Unpaid commissions are carried forward into the next month.

VAT will only be paid to you if you are in business, live in Germany, have sent us a copy of your business registration certificate and informed us of your tax number. If you do so, you yourself are responsible for the payment of tax on the commission you have earned. Please make sure that we have correctly recorded your account details.

Information for Affiliates who are self-employed: please send us proof of your business registration by fax to +49 941 / 46 46 0 – 99 or email to [email protected] so that we may pay VAT to you.

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